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de Buci Baby was born of a love of simplicity and a philosophy that style and function can coexist.

Our vision is inspired by neutral, understated solids and classic prints such as toile, gingham and stripes. From blankets to burp cloths, nursing pillows to teddy bears, our focus is to make your baby’s everyday essentials beautiful.

Our Inspiration

de Buci Baby finds inspiration in places large and small, from the neutral breeziness of a bolt of linen to the tailored comfort and detailed contrast of men’s pajamas.

Simple solids and classic prints

Maya Nairn

Maya Nairn


After her first child was born, Maya found herself searching for baby items that complemented her own understated design aesthetic and her affinity for neutral colors. A failed attempt to find a simple white sleep sack inspired Maya to create de Buci Baby.

The Name

The line is lovingly named after Rue de Buci, the street in Paris where Maya lived when she met her husband and began the journey towards a new life of marriage and motherhood.

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