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Baby Girl Gift Box

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A wonderful treat for new mom and baby girl!

For Baby Girl:

  • pink and white striped blanket will keep her cozy in a bassinet or comfy on the floor.
  • LexyPexy teething biscuit will provide comfort and entertainment as her first teeth start coming in.
  • Showcase baby girl's leg rolls in the classic hemstitch linen romper, size 6M.
  • Keep her clothes dry from endless dribbles with a scalloped edge linen bib.

For Mommy:

  • Bébé Day by Day, some light and useful reading to help guide you on your parenting journey.  
  • Two Orgaid organic moisturizing sheet masks, for a little pampering when you need it most.
  • Three Ursa Major face wipes for the nights you are just too tired to wash your face.
  • Olio e Osso No. 2 on the cheeks and lips will give a healthy glow and brighten your face in an instant. 
  • Miss Mouth's Messy Eater Stain Treater, a phosphate/chlorine/peroxide free magic potion for the many stains that are in the future. 

Gift note and item details included.

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